Year’s end is neither an end, nor a beginning but a going on

Year’s End is Neither an End, nor a Beginning   There are winners and losers in any market, but 2014 was filled with new challenges. Smart investors beat the market averages, while others struggled. As part of the global village, South Africa’s markets are directly impacted by world markets. There are some positive market trends. […]

Real Estate Investor Magazine Expands to Mozambique

Real Estate Investor Magazine Expands to Mozambique The Real Estate Investor Magazine South Africa (REIM) started out as a conversation I had with Dolf de Roos almost ten years ago in Wellington, New Zealand. This was when the idea of sharing real estate information, intelligence, content and networking was starting to catch fire. We eventually […]

Property is the Cornerstone of Wealth

Property is the Cornerstone of Wealth   South Africa’s reputation and economic prospects are rapidly being eroded, and we need to get our government and our people to start acting decisively to arrest mediocrity. Nelson Mandela instituted healthy debate as the cornerstone of democracy and also as a key leadership skill. Open debate seems to […]

Debt Traps, Property Rights

Debt Traps, Property Rights It is difficult to talk about investing without considering the current state of the South African and global economies. The bad news flow seems inescapable and the prospects for the economy are not great. Gill Marcus, outgoing governor of the Reserve Bank, has laid bare a plethora of problems facing the […]