Property is the Cornerstone of Wealth


South Africa’s reputation and economic prospects are rapidly being eroded, and we need to get our government and our people to start acting decisively to arrest mediocrity. Nelson Mandela instituted healthy debate as the cornerstone of democracy and also as a key leadership skill.

Open debate seems to be lost now under a leadership that is more concerned with political agendas than with leading this country to prosperity and success. The ineffectiveness of our government is really starting to have a negative effect on wealth and investments.

The challenge facing local property owners and potential property owners is that government is undermining our property rights through instituting multiple legislative measures and red tape, threatening both land ownership and property rights. Agricultural land is under immediate pressure, but essentially the legislation targets all types of property.

Property ownership, the cornerstone of wealth, is now under severe risk in terms of the potential for land and property owners to lose their rights. Read this in-depth article written by editor of Real Estate Investor Magazine and award-winning journalist Monique Terrazas, who has exposed this significant concern.

Not only do we question the validity of pending legislation, but also share AfriBusiness’ 5-point combat plan.

We have to take charge of our own destiny and stand up for our rights. Many of the world’s economies are also still struggling to get back on track. We need to focus and take control of your own personal economy first.

Prosperous investing